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Halloween (1978)
The Mortician
Halloween This is it! John Carpenter's masterpiece that preys on teenage boogey man fears and the fear of babysitting. Michael Myers escapes from an asylum and targets some distracted babysitters on Halloween night, but shrink Donald Pleasance ain't far behind...

What can be said about this classic that hasn't already been said? This is the movie that spawned the 'slasher' genre and paved the way for everything from 'Friday The 13th' to 'Scream'.

The story is simple and to the point, focusing on the relentless drive of a masked madman on Halloween. This is Jamie Lee Curtis' first film and she does a great job. The direction is assured and the lighting is spooky and surreal, taking a cue from Italian filmmakers like Mario Bava and Dario Argento. The gore is tasteful and spooky, like everything else in this film.

And the music...Halloween marked the continuation of the electronic score (started by David A. Hess in 'Last House On The Left') that is still relevant today. It proved that theme music CAN INDEED make a movie...ask the executives that passed on distributing the film before that music was laid in!

Inspiring, tense, and spooky, Halloween is the Grandaddy of horror films, along with Psycho and Scream...See it. See it again! The evil is gone from here!

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