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Halloween 3 : Season Of The Witch (1982)
The Undertaker
Halloween 3 : Season Of The Witch Before part 6 was released, this film was the redheaded stepchild of the series (Iíve always had a thing for redheads though). Three has nothing to do with the Myers mythos utilized in the first two movies; instead itís a stand-alone film that tried to cash in on the fame of the title. Well, it didnít exactly work and most people hated it. I have noticed many people finally coming around and admitting they liked the shit lately. Letís just call it season of the witch and say as a movie itís decent. I thought the whole story was kinda cool really. The annoying lilí Silver Shamrock theme song does grow on you after awhile (though my mom still fuckiní hates it). The concept of killiní masses of stupid kids with these masks on Halloween night has gotta be respected in horror film history somewhere. The soundtrack creeps me out; donít know why. A good story mixing a few cool FX, a weird feeling atmosphere, and the nastiest Halloween mask disasters youíve ever seen. Donít pick at the tag on that mask either buddy, hahahahaha; youíll get a laser blasted mouth. Did you have your mask on at the end? Maybe that was the best part. When I saw this thing at the movies when I was a kid, I found it kinda fun. The drill scene was a classic to me then. Nowadays, I just watch for the sheer joy of what it was trying to pull offÖ epic mass destruction for Halloweenís sake. You gotta love those crazy witches huh?

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