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Halloween 4 : The Return Of Michael Myers Well Mikey had been down and out of sight for a while until this movie came out. I liked part 4 a lot just because of his return, even though the mask in the fourth installment maybe the most fucked up of the series. Did you see the hair on that thing in some scenes? Looked like an Albino Don King mask to me. One scene in particular, the maskís hair looked very white. Who knows? Still, it was good to see Myers, big butcher knife in tow, stalking more helpless teens and long lost family members. This movie began a storyline that would eventually (thankfully) come to an end in six. So basically between the eight films, we have one that is a movie all unto itself in three, a tangent storyline in three movies that was ended, and four films with another storyline that may or may not continue. Interesting stuff, making Halloween a film franchise with something for everyone I guess; love it or hate it. Four had this splintered up family tree thing with uncle Mikey looking to kill off a new family member in the form of young Jamie Lloyd, his niece. Did they think transferring him from one metal hospital to another would change anything? Guess it did; it changed his number of victims to a higher total. Enough decent Halloween spookiness to keep most fans happy, the fourth brought Myers back as well as possible I guess. Loomis continues to try and help, but is as hopeless as ever. Luckily for us men folk, there are a few real cuties to ogle in here. The copís daughter is my fave; what a set of tits. General rule of thumb here, if you can see a womanís breasts when she has her back turned, theyíre damn big. Shame she died with all the rest, oh well. As serious as four tries to be, it still isnít close to the feel of one or even part two really. Letís face it; sequels never live up to our hopes. The ending did come off kinda cool though.

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