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The Revenge Of Michael Myers (1990)
The Mortician
Halloween 5 : Revenge Of Michael Myers A foreign director, Dominique Othenin-Girard, continues the Michael Myers franchise. Eschewing the end of 'Halloween 4' as merely a dream, the story, once again, has Myers chasing niece Jamie (Danielle Harris) all over Haddonfield with Pleasence hot on everyone's trail...

While this outing is very stylistic with the French approach Girard took and there's some very nice camera work and suspense, it still leaves die-hard fans a bit taken aback.

For one thing, Myer's mask has been revamped and looks a little silly and the story...is incoherent and confusing. Seems old Myers is reduced to pitchforking fornicating teens in barns, same as Jason, by the end of the movie.

Harris does what she can in her role and is quite good in the beginning, going from shell-shocked mute girl to affirmative action adversary near the end...

Girard fumbles the ball in the end, where plot holes and silly stuff seem to happen for no reason. For one thing, every likeable character is needlessly killed off! There's no one to root for at all. The cops act like imbeciles and Pleasence eventually sets a 'trap' for Myers at his old digs, where he murdered his sister as a kid...

...Pleasence has some huge chain contraption and absurdly 'wraps Myers up.' Wow. Our shrink also proves to be as indestructable as Myers, surviving being stabbed again (for the zillionth time). In jail, Myers is 'rescued' by a man in a black trenchcoat and black boots...

Uh, man, what happened to the simplicity of boogey man stalking victims? They were losing it here...headed into soap opera land...

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