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The Curse Of Michael Myers (1994)
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Halloween 6 : The Curse Of Michael Myers The poor bastard stepchild of the Halloween film series unquestionably is the sixth film. Trying very hard to wrap-up the dumbass ending of part five, which was cool up until the end, six falters. It had interesting ideas; they just didn’t really work. On the other hand, it also contained some real shit that made no real sense at all. Supposedly a fan took over the writing chores to help the series. We see what a “fan” knows, huh? I think he just tried way too damn hard. Personally, I can watch it and get a laugh. The director’s cut floating around is marginally better, but not enough for the hype it got. Luckily, this proved to be the end of this silly storyline. Sadly, it was Donald Pleasance last Halloween. Just ain’t the same without old Loomis ranting around. Maybe the title says it all as most sequels, even with good intentions, are cursed.

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