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Halloween H2O (1998)
The Undertaker
Halloween 7 : Halloween H2O I never thought about it at the time, but the 7th film actually becomes a bit significant. First, seven is really part three. That makes sense, right? Well, the storyline of the previous three gets thrown down the shit-chute in favor of a direct sequel to part 2 some 20 years later. That becomes a good thing in light of where the sixth went. Jamie Lee Curtis (and her mom Janet Leigh) returns here, giving this a credible cast to fight evil. Kinda sad that there was no Sam Loomis around to rant and rave and chase old pasty face, but thatís life (or death) I guess. Laurie Strode has changed her identity, become a semi-functioning alcoholic head master (Jamie Leeís a head master, hehehehe!) of a private school, and moved to Cali with her son. She's still is a bit frazzled over the business with her brotherís idea of trick-or-treat antics and it only gets worse has the holiday approaches. Guess whatís she getting as surprise for this Halloween? Yeah, Michael is alive, awake, and loose again. This whole movie has a great feel to it and becomes a worthy part 3. The hallucinations Laurie is burdened with change to an all too real menace that she must fight off to save her son and her sanity (is there any left?). It all clicks here, even the new teen fodder for Myers looks very hot. LL Cool J gets shot in the ear; guess going back to Cali wasnít a great idea after all. Memorable, especially for the end, where Laurie locks herself in the school to take on her brother for one last time, later even stealing off with his supposedly dead body to give him the coup de grace. Luckily for Halloween fans, evil never dies. This really would have been the best place to end it all.

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