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Halloween 8 : Halloween Resurrection The year 2002 saw two of horrors best (maybe the best) series come back from the dead to slaughter one more time. Jason went into space in F13 number 10. Now Michael Myers has come to the Internet in a reality TV web cast show in the 8th Halloween film. OK, lets get to the bad stuff right off the bat; there aren’t many here in my opinion. My biggest gripe is this; why open a Halloween film that is set on Halloween night in July? What the fuck do you dumbass movie mogul cocksuckers sit around all day thinking about? Who’s bright idea was this? I tell you guys and gals reading this now, you have no idea how much this pisses me off. Wouldn’t the middle of October have been perfect? If anyone from Dimensions Films or any of their friends or relatives read this…fuck you and suck me. If nothing else the Halloween film series has at least earned enough respect (and enough Hollywood dicks money) to open on the right weekend damn it! Anyone disagree? Well, fuck you too, cause you’re as dumb as the studios.My 2nd gripe is there never needed to be more than one sequel. This the 7th and the 6th with Michael Myers, so we have to take it all with a grin. Now that I have that little piece of happiness typed away, let’s talk about the movie itself. I like the simple opening, the black screen and orange lettered credits rolling by as the best theme in horror film history pumps through 10, 000 watts of Dolby digital. It’s always good to hear that sound; some things never change, do they? I like the simple way that Myers return and supposed death in Halloween: H20 are explained. No bullshit, just a simple cruel explanation.

Some of you won’t like it, but I’m a simple man and it works for me. How cool is it that now Laurie Strode is locked away for murder? Fate is a strange thing and in Resurrection Jamie Lee finally meets hers in the opening scene. Brother finally kills the sister he’s been after for over 24 years now. Farewell, sweety, it’ll never be the same without you. It has been sad enough not having Dr. Loomis along for the ride. Well, that’s it, movie’s over, right? Nope…not hardly, because as good as the opening was, the rest of the film does good. I would say this one is stronger than any Halloween since the 4th. A group of typical college victims from Haddonfield U. are chosen to be on Dangertainment‘s Internet broadcast from inside the Myers house on Halloween night. Reality TV at it’s finest. Until he came home… You know what happens next. People die. Thankfully, the Shape is put on screen early and does spend a lot of time there. That is one of the better qualities of this entry.

I like the way that some history behind Myer’s past and childhood have been thrown in here. That’s one thing that has never been touched on much in a believable way. A few red herrings are mixed in though for the show, so what is real and what is not? How tortured and evil was his past childhood or was it at all? You decide for yourself. Hey, you even get a few fleeting glimpses of a nice pair of breasts thanks to a red headed honey. Yes, it’s true. Watching the web show turn from a joke to a hoax to a killing spree was cool if you ask me. How jaded our we as a society now as to watch people die on a computer screen and not even be able to believe thanks to our phony culture? The kids watching cheer the murders for a while until they realize Michael has come home to carve up more teens. Hell, it is his house and they were trespassing, right? In the last two Halloween films two rappers have managed to survive and do a decent acting job to boot. Who could have predicted that in 1978? Halloween as a series has always been a bit more atmospheric and creepier (or tried to be) than say Friday The 13th. It does succeed at that in many ways here.

No, it’s not a classic, but it’s far better than I expected after H2O. I like the way it was filmed, mixing the regular camera scenes with the cams of the house explorers. It all works well. Pretty good blood and body count here also; I guess Tyra Banks was having one of those heavy days if you get my drift. I noticed the audience reactions here were very good, even a few claps and cheers from time to time. The very last scene, I mean you knew exactly what would happen, but it still left an impression…a good impression. It got more jumps & screams than any other for some reason. In 2002, who would have thought a monster in a hockey mask with a machete and a shape in a Shatner mask with a butcher knife would again have a bit of success scaring the shit out of people and be fun, enjoyable films. Halloween, the night he came home…,welcome home Michael.

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